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   Wednesday, September 03 2008
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  • Read the Latest Issue of ASPA's newsletter The Bridge  

  • ASPA's Mid-Year Leadership Meeting September 12-14!
    ASPA's Mid-Year Leadership Meeting will be held September 12-14 at ASPA's headquarters in Washington, D.C. Click here for the schedule.

  • New Benefit for ASPA Members Now Available!
    ASPA recently announced that every member will receive free one-year electronic subscriptions to The Public Manager. Members - Login to the ASPA site (at left) and you will see a link below for the most recent issue!

  • Call for Authors - ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy
    ASPA has a great opportunity to publish books that will shape the field through new ideas and those that find application among practitioners. Click here for more information.

  • Students and New Professionals- Your Public Service Career Starts with ASPA!
    ASPA helps students and new professionals acquire the knowledge, technical skills and resources necessary to be exceptional public servants. Want to learn more? Click here to see how you can get ahead, stay connected, and save money!

  • Your New Ideas for Government Needed!

    As a participant in the New Ideas for Government project, ASPA encourages our members to share their ideas on how government management can improve, how it can operate better and more effectively, and how it can take advantage of new technologies. The results of this project will be presented to the new Administration in January 2009. Visit the New Ideas for Government project website to present a new idea or comment on an idea already presented.

  • 2009 ASPA Annual Conference Proposal Period Has Closed

    ASPA’s 2009 Annual Conference will be held March 20-24 in Miami, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Miami. The conference theme - Governance in the Midst of Diversity: Bridging Opportunity and Challenge - will explore and develop innovative practices for public administration to address the growing diversity of communities around the country. It emphasizes the importance of context and culture on the sustainability of innovations, and ASPA's role in supporting public administration globally from a U.S. perspective. We are happy to report that we received more than 400 submissions! For more information on the conference, click here 

  • ASPA Leadership Nominations Now Being Accepted
    ASPA members, leaders, chapters, and sections are invited to submit their recommendations to the Nominating Committee for the position of Vice-President. National Council representatives are also needed throughout the U.S. to serve three-year terms. Download a nomination form and submit your recommendations today!

  • The latest publishing and presenting opportunities, including the Hangzhou Forum and ASPA's Region IV Conference, are available on our new "Calls" page.

  • ASPA and ARNOVA Co-sponsoring Symposium on Nonprofit Accountability
    ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) are co-sponsoring a symposium entitled Accountability and Performance Measurement in Public - Nonprofit Partnerships. The symposium will be held in Cleveland, Ohio this October. Click here for the conference website.

  • 2008 International Conference on Public Administration
    ASPA, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (USETC), and University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (UMN) are sponsoring the 2008 International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA). The conference will be held at the University of Minnesota on September 24-26, 2008. Click here for the conference website.

  • Recent Job Listings on!

    Director Office of Audit, Assessment and Management (US Department of Justice-D.C.)

    Senior-Level Fiscal/Program Analyst (Office of Fiscal and Management Analysis - Indiana Legislative Services Agency)

    Assistant Professor - tenure track position (Portland State University-OR)

    To view a current listing of available positions visit

  • Check out the latest books published by ASPA, including the 2nd edition of Combating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics, here.

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